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News and blogs

Our lates news and blogs also the archive of blog posts. a great resource for information and advice. covering subjects like self harm, funding mental health , book reviews, app recommendations and lots more

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Games, Journal making, icebreakers, meeting starters, Self image. loads of ideas to help you. if you want to add to this section contact us.

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Self image issues?

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Were you inspired by an outdoor event? or game at a camp? or have you a event plan you want to share? send it in or become the event and outdoor editor! or check out our Team building exercises in the resource section.

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Youth Worker

Hello and welcome to the new look Youth Work Resources have a look round and feel free to use any of the ideas you see. At Youth Work Resources we are always keen to get feedback and also your ideas and contributions to the site so feel free to contact us and send in anything you think would fit on the site. We are particularly interested in your fave smart phone apps that help you somehow in your work. if you have any comments about the site, features you would like to see or are interested in contributing. drop me a line.

NESA Youth Arts works in partnership with young people, and Bath and North East Somerset Youth and Community Service to provide cutting edge participatory arts practice.

Shield Collage

what you will need:

paper or card

magazines assorted titles

marker pens



developed by myself and Michelle for sessions in a womens prison we were trying to explore the vast contrast between the young women we met and that which they portrayed to the guards and most other people.