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Self image issues?

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Were you inspired by an outdoor event? or game at a camp? or have you a event plan you want to share? send it in or become the event and outdoor editor! or check out our Team building exercises in the resource section.

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Youth Worker

Hello and welcome to the new look Youth Work Resources have a look round and feel free to use any of the ideas you see. At Youth Work Resources we are always keen to get feedback and also your ideas and contributions to the site so feel free to contact us and send in anything you think would fit on the site. We are particularly interested in your fave smart phone apps that help you somehow in your work. if you have any comments about the site, features you would like to see or are interested in contributing. drop me a line.

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interested in writing ? keep a journal, what to know how? or do you want to for youthworker.org? get in touch with your ideas. or ask for a topic if you dont have anything in mind. or write up a session plan to share


I recently discovered an author named Cory Doctorow hes a canadian living in  the uk

i read several of his works, (not in the right order)  but i wanted to share with you 2 youth centric books


The Regional Youth Work Unit is collaborating with the University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth on a region-wide Conference entitled ‘Progressive Youth Work Practice: Celebration, Innovation and Collaboration’ .

i have a vinyl quote on my wall at home

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” ― C.G.Jung

its been a constant for me for years, i don't have to live my history i can change and be a better person, and make a difference.